10.5 Homework

You are a Gondorian noble, helping to draft legislation for several new laws. Write a paragraph, about 5 sentences long for each law, explaining why or why not you support each of the pieces of legislation.

There is no wordbank for this assignment. Use this website: Parf Edhellen to find the words you are looking for. Only use Noldorin words if they have been updated into Sindarin. You can also use this list of Neo-Sindarin words VinQuettaParma if you need them.

Always mark the reconstructed words you use with an *asterisk.

Give an English translation of your Sindarin translations, so I know what you’re trying to say, and can help you translate it.

Two Neo-Sindarin words that will be very helpful are:

  • *Thain – Lawful, Law-abiding
  • *Theinas – Law, Rule
  • Taith aran – king’s seal
Pi pen aníra bangad i ‘alenas drannail, Aran amartha i ovrassath noed galenas drannail *celir i daith aran. I thaith aran Min Canath n’adab tegilbor.
I nambeth lîn:
Annathof Lebgaen Miriain ‘ni phenath i sevir adab vi bathu vinui. Iuitho i miriain an ad-echaded in edaib dhîn.
I nambeth lîn:
Haradrim baudennin vi Vinas Tirith. Pi adan Harad minna Vinas Tirith, te gannen vi mand ned Min Arad a moe anden mened.
I nambeth lîn: