9.4 Homework


Sindarin English
annon gate
(m)bâr home
corf ring
(n)dôl head
(n)dôr land
eneth name
Hadhod Dwarf
iâr blood
lembas waybread
mellon friend
orch orc
taes nail
Sindarin English
celebren silver
Sindarin English
dew- fail
dolla- conceal
beria- (ancient barjâ) protect


    Translate the following sentences into Sindarin.

  1. The group of Dwarves left when it rained.
  2. [informal] You gave greeting to my friend.
  3. He miss-pronounced my name!
  4. When you go, you must have waybread.
  5. Translate the following sentences into English.

  6. Hadhod dammint i ndŷl in yrch sui i thaes.
  7. Ivreth aun gorf gelebren annin.
  8. Bóriel i chedhyd, evinen am mbâr nîn.
  9. Sinnin i moe angin mened.
  10. Rithannen dollad i lembas, ach edhiwen.