Student Roster

The other students on the roster are there to help and study with you. Feel free to chat in the forums if you like.

No more than 15 new students per a semester at a time. First come, first serve. Once we fill up the class, the people who sign up afterwards will be put on a waiting list. In case of an opening showing up in the class before it starts, the next person in the waiting list will be contacted and added to the roster. If you don’t know if you’ll have time, please let someone else have the space.

Next Semester’s Newly Registered Sindarin Students

  1. Angelicstarr
  2. Bibliophile
  3. Botha909
  4. Galadriel
  5. llwanderessll
  6. Lotte
  7. Marike Botha
  8. The Silvan Elf
  9. Traxer64
  10. Valery

Next Semester’s Returning Sindarin Students

Sindarin 101 Students

  • Merimaat Seti

Beginner Sindarin Students

  • Aerandir
  • Ireth Tinuviel
  • Nevermore
  • Thalahel
  • yeshallbegods

Intermediate Sindarin Students

Advanced Sindarin Students

Graduate Students


  1. Hello! I just discovered your page and almost an hour later I have not stumbled onto your registration page. (Yes, I can tie my shoes…) It seems things are in a bit of turmoil for you and I hope your situation improves. (I live with family members in the other party and it can get warm in a room where the family gathers. Hopefully this will all calm down.

    In any event I would like to get involved, may I? If so, what must I do?

    Ken Heffner

    1. If you mean you’d like to register for classes – go ahead and register. Just to warn you, I’m not teaching the class until I’ve got the new version complete and printed. You can study on your own for now.I’ll do a big announcement when I’m done and ready to go.

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