Welcome to the Realelvish Academy!

Back in 2006, on a now long-dead LotR forum, I started to catalogue everything I know about Neo-Sindarin. I think it was more helpful for me than for the people reading, however. I was able to organize my thoughts on the language and keep myself consistent with myself. At the same time, I was finding that teaching was really, really fun and fulfilling. I found myself putting more and more effort into it. By 2007 the project so large I made a whole website for it.

That website is the predecessor of this one. After all of that, the goal is much the same. What started as forum posts has become a book, and what was e-mails has become a sleek WordPress LMS. I’m excited to see what will happen next, what about you?


  1. EnelyaC | | Reply

    I was unable to check until recently and I found that I’m on the roster! I hadn’t received an email notifying me that I was to be in the next semester. The problem is I can’t find where the semester starts or which ‘next semester’ I’m to start in. Please let me know. ^e^’

    • dreamingfifi | | Reply

      You’re signed up for the Fall semester, which starts in September.

      • Romolo | | Reply

        I’m not able to get access to the lessons contents. All I can see is the list of lessons within each course, but apart from the link for the final quizzes there’s no trace of the lesson itself.
        Can someone help me out please? :'(

        • dreamingfifi | | Reply

          The lesson content will be in the book when it’s released. For now, it’s just in the unedited PDF

  2. Aradraug | | Reply

    Is there a page where I can find information on what the courses are, how they work, when they’re offered, and how registration works? Or other general information about what the courses entail?

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