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Enchanted with Elvish? Delve into the Elven tongue of Middle-earth, into Sindarin’s long and winding past in our world and theirs, and into the culture Tolkien dreamed up for its speakers.

This is Neo-Sindarin, the descendent of the language featured in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies, the language as it has flourished on the Internet using Tolkien’s creation as a roadmap. This book functions as a friendly introduction to the Neo-Sindarin community for beginners and non-linguists. Included is the most current information available to fans.

Within explore Neo-Sindarin academics, learn simple linguistic concepts, practice useful phrases while studying grammar, and look at the world through Elven eyes: from how they count on their fingers to how they organize the cosmos. Govano ven! (Join us!)

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    ISBN: 978-0-9974321-6-9
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  • Paperback $17.99: Coming Soon!

If you can’t afford the textbook, message me and I’ll send you the PDF version.