I need to put the lessons on hold while I deal with some medical stuff. Hopefully it’s nothing serious, but while I’m freaking out over this I can’t focus on teaching at all. If I can’t finish the semester I’ll refund your tuition for the lessons that we didn’t get to. On a brighter note […]

The Spring 2018 semester schedule is up! Note that the schedule is a little irregular because I’m going to a bunch of conventions. I scheduled in time for myself to recover and prepare for each convention, because while at conventions, I won’t be able to correct homework. Another change that I’m making – registration is […]

This isn’t a decision that I came to lightly. Even now, my bones fill with dread and trepidation. I’ve held back on this for years, despite many friends and relatives and acquaintances telling me I should. There’s nothing like wondering how my family will feed itself this month to make one bend to this suggestion. […]

TLDR: Check the Calendar for new due dates. As many of you know, I got a nasty cold a week and a half ago, that left me mostly bed-ridden for a week. But, I still had a convention to go to. So, I put on a mask, packed hand-sanitizer, and did my best to not […]

September 4th is your first homework due date! So, let’s go over the homework procedures. The goal is to make the best translation that you can. I will comment on your assignment with errors that I found in your translations, and then you’ll fix those errors and resubmit the assignment. We’ll repeat this process until […]

I’m doing a series of events and conventions this year, so you may get your chance to drop by and say hello! I’ve made a page dedicated to them here: Events/Conventions The plan for July is: NaguCon and Write Like an Elf See you there!