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Semester Canceled

I’m really sorry to do this. I really didn’t want to. But, I’m looking at another depression episode. Parts of my wife’s family really disapprove of our relationship, which lead to some fights with them after her grandmother’s funeral. Then the election… ugh. I’ve been reminded again that people irrationally

More Waiting

Sorry That I haven’t been on schedule with my updates! I just started a real paying job. It’s 40 hours a week – all of which are on my feet running around and leaving me completely wiped out at the end of the day. So, progress has been slowed significantly.


I, dreamingfifi, have graduated from college, with a degree in Linguistics! I’ve now got the letters “BA” after my name. This means some changes will happen around here. Because I don’t have mountains of homework anymore, I can spend more time on the website! The Sindarin lessons will now be


Sigh. I’m sorry to do this, but I’m too busy to correct homework anymore. The reason? I’m getting married! After the marriage rush, I might start correcting homework again, but as for right now, I’m closing the homework turn in. That doesn’t mean that the website is closing down, by