Here’s my progress in updating the lessons and the homework. Added About Fan-Made Words Updated: Intro, Chapters one, three, four, five, and six, lessons (and homework assignments for) 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 3.1, and 6.1. Since there’s a new chapter, Intermediate Students are now on 6.1. There are new homework assignments, so you won’t be […]

So, the edits I made last time to the Sindarin plural-mutation lesson (chapter 5 lesson 1) embarked me on an odyssey to find out more. With the help of Roman Rausch on the Google+ community “Languages of Middle-earth”  I present to you the newly edited and up-to-date version. It also caused me to edit the […]

I made some more quizzes! Since they seem to be helping so much, I’m going to try to make a set for the rest of the chapters as soon as possible. These are for Chapter 3 Lesson 3: Reading Review Syntax Matching Exercise Translation Practice Let me know if you spot any errors! Other than […]

Just a warning (and hopefully so I don’t get a lot of panicked e-mails) The Sindarin textbook is getting some revisions to its structure and database – so things are going to be wonky for a few hours while I do updates. The updates to the textbook are as follows: Chapter 5 (prestanneth chapter) is […]

I’ve been working on the Plurals lesson when I should be working on Chapter 8 lesson 3… but oh well, too late! I expanded -ath, included the “irregular” forms with AI/EI, explained why there can be AI and EI versions of some words. I also included the Gondorian plural of Os, and a lot more […]

I added the information on AE>E to Chapter 8 Lesson 1. Don’t know how I missed that – it’s pretty much all that we knew about the Woodelven dialect for the longest time. I also expanded on the vowel reduction segment in Chapter 5 Lesson 1. I still need to go through and vet the […]

I added to the section on -ui, fixed an error in the Plurals section about Os that used to be AU. I added references for the Questions section. I’m up to Chapter 7, lesson 3 homework!

I’ve added a section for the superlative prefix ro- and some ideas for comparing one thing to another. Later- Finally, some headway made on homework assignments. I’m up to chapter 6, lesson 1.

Some of you may know this already, but last Saint Nicolas’ Day, my grandfather died. We were quite close. He was a brilliant anthropologist and quite gifted at learning languages. If you want to know more about him, do a search on Frank Bessac. I miss him terribly, to the point of distraction. Anyways, I’m […]