Eldarin Keyboard for Windows

Download Eldarin Keyboard for Windows

It should be compatible with anything from Windows XP to the latest version of Windows.

Install Instructions for the Eldarin Keyboard for Windows

  1. Download Zip File: eldarin.zip
  2. Decompress Zip File
  3. Open “Eldarin” folder; find the file named “setup.”
  4. Run “setup.” Let it install the keyboard.
  5. When installation is done, restart your computer.
  6. The keyboard will be in the “English (United Kingdom)” language, labeled “Eldarin keyboard.” It will add the language for you if you don’t already have it installed.
  7. Select your Eldarin keyboard and type away!

About the Eldarin Keyboard for Windows

This keyboard is designed to make typing in Tolkien’s languages a lot easier.

To access the symbols, type [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[key the symbol is under] and [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[SHIFT]+[key the symbol is under] will get you the uppercase letter.

It includes all of the accented vowels that Tolkien used in Sindarin and Quenya:

á é í ó ú ý
â ê î ô û ŷ
ä ë ö

As well as vowels from earlier languages like Common Eldarin and Old Sindarin:

Æ æ Œ œ ę̄ Ę̄ ǭ Ǭ ẹ̄ Ē̩ ọ̄ Ọ̄

It has consonants that you’ll need for typing Sindarin, Quenya, and Common Eldarin:

ñ Ñ þ Þ ð Ð ȝ Ȝ

It has the Ancient Eldarin Root marker:

And three Combining Diacritics for filling in any that need it. They are made by typing the letter you’ll put the mark onto first, then typing the Combining Diacritic. I’m using O for the symbols to latch onto.



In each key represented by a box, the top row is the symbols typed with the [SHIFT] key, and the right side is the special symbol accessed by hitting [Ctrl]+[Alt]. The top right symbol is therefore reached by typing both [Ctrl]+[Alt] and [SHIFT].

Eldarin Keyboard for Windows - Keymapping

This picture is included in the Zipfile, but you can download it from here too if you like.

How I Made the Keyboard

I used this handy little program: Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4

If my Keyboard doesn’t quite fit your needs, go ahead and make your own! Many Tolkien language experts that I know have their own specialized keyboards made this way.