I claim no ownership over Tolkien’s literary works. The copyrights go to the people that own them. The purpose of this website is to in part teach Sindarin as I know it to others and to summarize for other scholars, or make transparent, how I come up with my Sindarin translations, so that they may judge and give criticism.

I have used a lot of other peoples’ articles to build my lessons, and these articles are linked to as "outside reading" at the beginning of each chapter.

Thank-you, all of the beta readers and students that went through the lessons as I set them up! Through your feedback, I’ve been able to make these lessons much better. Keep it coming!

The most important person to thank, however, is Phil Smith. He designed the old PHP version of the website for free, and worked with me over many many months to get it running smoothly, and continued to help for free for years after. Because of his great design, this website was able to spread in popularity. Thank-you for your years of service Phil!

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