Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for this semester?

  1. Complete the Carpho Edhellen! course.
  2. Go to the Available Courses page.
  3. There will be a button next too the Gellio Edhellen! course labeled “Click to Enroll.” Click it.
  4. That’s it! Then you just have to wait for me to accept your registration.


What if I can’t afford the textbook?

Just PM me and ask for the free PDF version of the textbook, and I’ll send it to you. My user name is “dreamingfifi.”


How to tell if you’re a student:

Check out the Student Roster, and see if your name is up. I update the roster by hand, so your name might not appear on it right away. I won’t be sending you a personal e-mail when you get accepted – only if you were on the waiting list and a spot has opened up. Messages will be sent through the PM system instead.


Where to find your homework:

Your homework will be listed in each lesson.


How to turn homework in:

When you open up an assignment, it’ll have a way to submit your answers – either through uploading a file or copy+pasting the text into the submission box. I prefer PDFs, because I can comment and annotate those easily. If you need a way to make them, here is a freeware program that I use: CutePDF.


Weekly Schedule:

Before Monday: Study, practice, do the exercises, chat with fellow students or with me if you have questions, and finish your homework. If you will be late turning in your homework, let me know through a PM.

Monday-Wednesday: Turn in the first draft of your homework. I'll be correcting it and sending it back to you soon after you submit it. Unless things go really wrong on my end, you can expect to get your corrected homework back within a day.

Tuesday-Sunday: Redo the questions that you got wrong, and turn in them in as soon as possible. Then I will correct your homework again, and send it back to you. You will redo the remaining questions and send it back to me. This process continues until you have all of the questions 100 percent correct.

Wednesday: If you haven't turned in your homework yet, I will remove your name from the roster. (This gets considerably more lax the more lessons you complete. If you’re still with us by Lesson 4 – you can fall behind the class up to two weeks before I delete you.)


Semester Schedule:

They will always start on the first Monday of the month, and end on the last Sunday of the month.

January-March: Registration is closed, class is in session
April: Registration is open, class is on vacation
May-July: Registration is closed, class is in session
August: Registration is open, class is on vacation
September-November: Registration is closed, class is in session
December: Registration is open, class is on vacation


Schedule for Carpho Edhellen! and Teitho Edhellen!

The Carpho Edhellen! and Teitho Edhellen! courses can be done at any time, on your own schedule. Neither one requires input from me.


Student Advancement

The Carpho Edhellen! and Teitho Edhellen! courses can take up to a month to complete. You could also finish them in a week. You must complete the Carpho Edhellen! course before you can advance to any other course.

The Gelio Edhellen! courses take 1 year, or three semesters to complete. When you complete one course, the next course will become available to you.


About the Teitho Edhellen! Course

Many people don't have access to a scanner or Elven fonts, and wouldn't be able to do the homework for these lessons. Therefore, they are optional. If you can't do this course, don't worry, you can still enter the Gelio Edhellen! courses.


I’ve been deleted from the Roster. What now?

Don’t worry! You are not black-listed from the website. Stuff comes up, that’s how life is. You can register for classes again when Registration opens with everyone else. Remember to check the “returning student” box on your application. You will be starting at the beginning of the course that you dropped out of.


Stuff happened, and now I know I won’t be able to keep up with the class. What do I do?

Click the “Un-enroll from this course” link on the courses page. Then send me a message letting me know you’re dropping out of the class. Include in the message whether or not you’ll be returning for the next semester to try again. If you’re returning to try again, I won’t purge your records, and you can start on the course you had left off on. If not, or if you’d like to start again from the beginning, I’ll purge your records, giving you a clean slate to start over again.

Returning students don’t have to worry about taking a place from a newly registering person or ending up on the wait-list.


How do I join the Skype chatroom for the class?

Click this link. Login to our Skype account. Done! Now you can chat with your fellow students, get real-time help, and learn about the developments happening to the website while they’re being dreamed up.