It’s 1AM, and I’m done. I did it. I finally fished the massive edit of the textbook. I made a few mistakes along the way… got eyes and ambition greater than my time or ability. Ended up having to cut some parts that I had a lot of fun making. Fear not, those will still […]

I, dreamingfifi, have graduated from college, with a degree in Linguistics! I’ve now got the letters “BA” after my name. This means some changes will happen around here. Because I don’t have mountains of homework anymore, I can spend more time on the website! The Sindarin lessons will now be offered all year, not just […]

So, the edits I made last time to the Sindarin plural-mutation lesson (chapter 5 lesson 1) embarked me on an odyssey to find out more. With the help of Roman Rausch on the Google+ community “Languages of Middle-earth”  I present to you the newly edited and up-to-date version. It also caused me to edit the […]

I made some more quizzes! Since they seem to be helping so much, I’m going to try to make a set for the rest of the chapters as soon as possible. These are for Chapter 3 Lesson 3: Reading Review Syntax Matching Exercise Translation Practice Let me know if you spot any errors! Other than […]

Sindarin classes start again today for the summer. Or, technically they do in 15 minutes, but who’s counting? Other than me? So, to get ready, I’ve been doing some frantic editing. Even more frantic when I found the edits I’d done on Chapter 7 Lesson 5 had been lost somehow. I may have spent the […]

Since the class is already full, and people still want to join, I’ve started a waiting list. Here’s how it will work: It’ll be first come, first serve, just like registration was. Once the date that Registration was set to close passes, there will be no more new students. Even if you keep up with […]

It was barely over a month, and we hit the 30 new students limit already. I will open registration again if someone decides to drop out before the class starts. At that time, there will be an announcement here, so if you are lamenting having missed your chance, watch this space closely!

Hi! I’m back from my adventures going to school, doing NaNoWriMo (I won!), and getting surgery (bi-lateral breast-reduction). I’m still a little sore from surgery, but I don’t need the powerful pain meds that make me extremely loopy. Therefore, I have given myself a green light to go back to website editing. We have two […]