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I’m back! and SPAM

Hi! I’m back from my adventures going to school, doing NaNoWriMo (I won!), and getting surgery (bi-lateral breast-reduction). I’m still a little sore from surgery, but I don’t need the powerful pain meds that make me extremely loopy. Therefore, I have given myself a green light to go back to website editing.

We have two new donors: Richard and Nisharn. Donation page here.

A new affiliate: Elbisch, a German Tengwar tattoo design website.

Some links were fixed, thank you Corsair_Caruso for letting me know about those!

Spambots attacked the forums, and I finally cleared out all of the spambot accounts and spam-posts. Thank you everyone who reported them!

Registration for the Sindarin class is open! If you want to register, go here.

More updates will be coming soon!

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  1. Lastiel | | Reply

    We are glad that you are back and well!

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