Since so many of the next semester’s registration list are returning students, I decided to have them on a separate list. This means that if you’re a former student, you can re-register without worrying about taking the chance to start the class from someone else, or ending up on a waiting list. And, for the […]

Well, that didn’t take long. View the registration list and the waiting list here: Student Roster If you aren’t sure you’ll have time to take the class this fall – please withdraw now! There is already a fast growing list of people who are waiting for a chance to take the class. If you’re on […]

Registration opened today! It closes August 29th. Your first homework assignment will be due September 5th. To check your status, go to the Student Roster. And already, there is only one new spot open for the fall semester. Extra people who sign up will be put on the waiting list. Remember – if you find […]

Tomorrow, registration reopens! This week was chapter 5.2! What a difficult one to end the semester on! Many people are still finishing it – don’t worry, finish away. If you fell behind, now is your chance to catch up! I’d like everyone to be done with chapter 5.2 before September 5th, when chapter 5.3 will […]

Registration is closed! If you realize that you don’t have time to do the class, now is the time to let me know so that someone on the waiting list can take your spot. Now is also the time for the New Students to brush up on your International Phonetic Alphabet skills. Go to Chapter […]

We have met the maximum 15 new students for Summer 2016! Anyone else signing up for Summer 2016 will be put on the waiting list. If a spot opens up before May 2nd, the next person on the waiting list will get to join the class. The list on the Student Roster is in alphabetic […]