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Teacher-Led Sindarin Course Begins Again!

This has to do with a slow change that I’ve been trying to implement over the past few years. I want to have the beginners’ grammar course be automated, so that this website can serve the more casual interest in Sindarin as well. Then, have the intense paid course focus on exercising one’s translation muscles rather than grammar. So, I blended together the courses Gelio Edhellen! 101, 102, and 103 into Nevio Edhellen! “Translate Sindarin!” and Gelio Edhellen! 100 is now just Gelio Edhellen!.

Gelio Edhellen! is now a prerequisite for Nevio Edhellen!.

If you are a student, I recommend joining our class discord server: Academy. This is a great place to chat with fellow students and get help on your homework. It’s also fun to chat with fellow Tolkien-language nerds.

Since the class got interrupted last time, we’re going to start with the old students (I sent you PMs about this a little while back) and finish up the stories that we had yet to finish. PM me or chat with me on discord to get all caught up! Then next year we will start with a new batch of students!

The new yearly schedule is up on the FAQs.

I’m half-way through making quizzes for Gelio Edhellen!, though all of the teaching material is up and ready to be viewed. Hopefully I’ll finish making these quizzes during the spring and summer, so that our new students can have a more solid foundation to work with before taking the intense course.

Anyways… This year will be the year we transition into this new system. A new system that hopefully will keep me from overworking myself into illness and serve the interests of many different Tolkien-language enthusiasts.

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