TLDR: Check the Calendar for new due dates. As many of you know, I got a nasty cold a week and a half ago, that left me mostly bed-ridden for a week. But, I still had a convention to go to. So, I put on a mask, packed hand-sanitizer, and did my best to not […]

Art by Julia Lindquist! To do list for making this website ready for lessons: Quizzes that need to be written: Vocalic Mutation Nasal Mutation Mixed Mutation Long Mixed Mutation Liquid Mutation Stop Mutation DH Mutation H Mutation Independent Pronouns Pronominal Suffixes Present Tense Imperative Gerunds Tol- Future Nidh- Future -Atha Future Ava- Future Past Tense […]

Here’s my progress in updating the lessons and the homework. Added About Fan-Made Words Updated: Intro, Chapters one, three, four, five, and six, lessons (and homework assignments for) 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 3.1, and 6.1. Since there’s a new chapter, Intermediate Students are now on 6.1. There are new homework assignments, so you won’t be […]

I finally finished uploading the last homework assignment! I’ll be making more quizzes during the next month as well, but I wanted to make sure that at the very least all of the homework assignments were written. The new semester plan is as follows: January-March: Registration is closed, class is in session April: Registration is […]

Finally, after many patient months, I can announce a date for the lessons to be restarted! This is because the main website has finally been completed to a point that I can give it a rest and teach again. you can view the announcement for the main website here. Things that need to happen first: […]

More updates to announce: I’m finally finishing the updated homework! I’m replacing the RTFs with Open Office files, because anyone can install Open Office for free, and you can insert the needed special characters with it. I’ve started applying the stuff learned from Vinyar Tengwar #50… but only easy things to start out with. I […]