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Lessons Begin in March

Finally, after many patient months, I can announce a date for the lessons to be restarted! This is because the main website has finally been completed to a point that I can give it a rest and teach again. you can view the announcement for the main website here.

Things that need to happen first:

  • Turn the Homework Assignments into HTML pages here.
  • Write quizzes for the rest of the lessons.

Auburn and I will also be working on more lesson videos, now that we have more time, but those aren’t as important as getting the lessons up and running again.

See you around, hopefully!


  1. Lady Lindariel | | Reply

    Since I am a new member and have never done any lessons do I wait until March to start lessons

    • dreamingfifi | | Reply

      Actually, you’ll sign up for lessons in April. I’m having the returning students sign up first, then new students.

  2. narwain | | Reply

    Looking forward to it!

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