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Elvish Words – Dwelling and Furniture

Select Elvish Words 7.28 Roof

ᴹQ. koromindo n. “cupola, dome” A noun in The Etymologies of the 1930s glossed “cupola, dome”, apparently a combination of variants of ᴹQ. koron “globe” and ᴹQ. mindon “tower” (Ety/KOR). Q. telluma n. “dome, cupola, vault” A word for a “vault” or “dome” in the Namárië poem (LotR/377; RGEO/58). In

Select Elvish Words 7.21: Room

7.21 Room ᴹQ. kaimasan (kaimasamb-) n. “bedchamber” A word for “bedchamber” in The Etymologies from around 1937, a combination of ᴹQ. kaima “bed” and ᴹQ. sambe “chamber” (Ety/KAY, STAB). Its plural kaimasambi indicates a stem form of kaimasamb-. Conceptual Development: This word first appeared as ᴱQ. {kaitosambe >>} kaimasambe “bed-room”