There was a mysterious malfunction preventing people from moving from lesson 16 to 17 for the Gelio Edhellen! 100 course, and I finally figured out the problem! There was an option that sounded great on the quiz-set-up that I selected: “Do not store user answers in the database to save DB space.” “I want to […]

I have five more quizzes added to five more lessons! Lesson 15: Nouns with Adjective Phrases Lesson 16: Past Tense TA-verbs and I-verbs Lesson 17: Stop Past Tense TA-verbs and I-verbs Lesson 18: Definite Prepositions Lesson 19: Gerunds Have fun studying! As usual, feel free to let me know of any errors, typos, awkward sentences, […]

Finally, I can focus on the quizzes! And, I figured out how to upload all of the quiz questions quick and easy into the database, so it’s going a lot faster! Here are the links: Lesson 13: Class Plural -ath Lesson 14: Past Tense A-verbs Again, let me know by posting comments on this post […]

Art by Julia Lindquist! To do list for making this website ready for lessons: Quizzes that need to be written: Vocalic Mutation Nasal Mutation Mixed Mutation Long Mixed Mutation Liquid Mutation Stop Mutation DH Mutation H Mutation Independent Pronouns Pronominal Suffixes Present Tense Imperative Gerunds Tol- Future Nidh- Future -Atha Future Ava- Future Past Tense […]

I finally finished uploading the last homework assignment! I’ll be making more quizzes during the next month as well, but I wanted to make sure that at the very least all of the homework assignments were written. The new semester plan is as follows: January-March: Registration is closed, class is in session April: Registration is […]

I made some more quizzes! Since they seem to be helping so much, I’m going to try to make a set for the rest of the chapters as soon as possible. These are for Chapter 3 Lesson 3: Reading Review Syntax Matching Exercise Translation Practice Let me know if you spot any errors! Other than […]

Just a warning (and hopefully so I don’t get a lot of panicked e-mails) The Sindarin textbook is getting some revisions to its structure and database – so things are going to be wonky for a few hours while I do updates. The updates to the textbook are as follows: Chapter 5 (prestanneth chapter) is […]

I’m making a series of Sindarin online quizzes that will accompany the textbook! They’re still in the rough stages of development, but here’s what I have so far: Vowels Diphthongs Consonants Multi-syllable Words Check them out, and let me know what you think!