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Moved Blog

So, here we are. Due to the Middle-earth Network shutting down social-network operations, I had to move the “News and Updates” section to my own website. In this process, I got another subdomain for my website, installed WordPress 4.0 on it, then mucked around until it became something resembling the

New News

I just finished copy-pasting all of the website-updates from the past few years that I hadn’t managed to delete. This shall be the new home of my updates page! And lookie! You can comment on the updates! I don’t know why you’d want to, but if you feel so inclined,

Dirty Words

As some of you may know, my website was kicked offline last month because it apparently had run out of bandwidth. To set the record straight: No it hadn’t run out of bandwidth. There was a problem with the server’s ability to tally the usage of my website, making it

I’m back!

After almost an entire year and a half of hiatus, I’m back! I’ve changed the phonology lessons to IPA, moved the Sindarin lessons onto the main website, changed the way that homework is turned in, and started Phil Smith on this brand new version of the textbook. Isn’t it pretty?