Here’s my progress in updating the lessons and the homework. Added About Fan-Made Words Updated: Intro, Chapters one, three, four, five, and six, lessons (and homework assignments for) 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 3.1, and 6.1. Since there’s a new chapter, Intermediate Students are now on 6.1. There are new homework assignments, so you won’t be […]

Registration for the next semester of Your Sindarin Textbook is open! Click here for more details. I did some quick edits to all of the lessons in Chapter 2, to make them easier to use. I finished and posted a video for Chapter 1 lesson1! The Kickstarter Campaign was successful! We’re working on it, and […]

Sindarin classes start again today for the summer. Or, technically they do in 15 minutes, but who’s counting? Other than me? So, to get ready, I’ve been doing some frantic editing. Even more frantic when I found the edits I’d done on Chapter 7 Lesson 5 had been lost somehow. I may have spent the […]

My phonetics class is studying syllable structure and the effects of syllables on phonetic structure of words. Because of that, I was able to rewrite much of the section on syllables, and now I know the proper way to notate syllable boundaries and stress.

The pronunciation chapter has been beautified. It now includes a bit of Tolkien speaking Sindarin! I also fixed up the second lesson of Chapter 1, to more accurately describe the word-mediate consonants.

I wrote that phonology chapter years ago. Back then, I only knew as much about linguistics as I had taught myself. While I knew the concepts, I had made my own names for them and my own phonetic alphabet chart. I didn’t know IPA, and couldn’t tell you was a voiced consonant was. I had […]