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Sindarin Class Starts!

Sindarin classes start again today for the summer. Or, technically they do in 15 minutes, but who’s counting? Other than me?

So, to get ready, I’ve been doing some frantic editing. Even more frantic when I found the edits I’d done on Chapter 7 Lesson 5 had been lost somehow. I may have spent the last few hours redoing all of that work. I think I found all of the typoes, but let me know if you spot one!

I moved the section on impersonal verbs to Chapter 3 Lesson 4, then listed the known ones in Chapter 7 Lesson 5.

Other than that, I’ve been going through the homework assignments, cleaning them up. I spotted a few typoes (Okay, misspellings… dreamingfifi is actually a terrible speller.) in Chapter 3 Lesson 3 homework; I discovered that I forgot to include the IPA stressmark in the Chapter 1 Lesson 2 copy-n-paste bank. I’m adding more questions to Chapter 3 Lesson 4 homework, and there will probably be more homework edits as I continue to work into the night.

In good news, my spouse graduated from college Saturday! I ended up being the primary organizing force behind the party and getting proud grandparents to it. I’m still pretty exhausted from it. Will some homework correcting be therapeutic? It better be, because I’m reaching my meltdown limit…

Two minutes…

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