Sindarin Class Waiting List

Since the class is already full, and people still want to join, I’ve started a waiting list.

Here’s how it will work:

  • It’ll be first come, first serve, just like registration was.
  • Once the date that Registration was set to close passes, there will be no more new students. Even if you keep up with the homework, I have no way of knowing that you’ve completed it to the level I require for the class. To catch you up would be way too much work for the both of us.
  • PM me your e-mail address, or e-mail me requesting to be put on the list to get on it. (elvenswordsmith AT gmail DOT com)

Once the registration closing-date passes, everyone on the waiting list will be put in my file of people to e-mail when registration opens again. That way you’ll be first in line next year.


  1. Hi I am an intense fan of both LOTR and TH, the movies but especially the books. I am absolutley desperate to be able to learn and speak Sindarin. Will the elvish runes be included in the course? Thanks

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