I have five more quizzes added to five more lessons! Lesson 15: Nouns with Adjective Phrases Lesson 16: Past Tense TA-verbs and I-verbs Lesson 17: Stop Past Tense TA-verbs and I-verbs Lesson 18: Definite Prepositions Lesson 19: Gerunds Have fun studying! As usual, feel free to let me know of any errors, typos, awkward sentences, […]

Would you like your article on one of Tolkien’s languages to be posted here? I am making that possible, and this is why! Something that has troubled me for a while now about all of the discussion on Tolkien’s languages moving onto social media is that while social media is really great for stimulating conversations, […]

Finally, I can focus on the quizzes! And, I figured out how to upload all of the quiz questions quick and easy into the database, so it’s going a lot faster! Here are the links: Lesson 13: Class Plural -ath Lesson 14: Past Tense A-verbs Again, let me know by posting comments on this post […]

Listen to the interview on Youtube: Listen to the interview on Sound Cloud: Here’s the transcript of the interview: Hi guys! I am adding a new person to the team, and he’ll be writing short articles about the development of ancient root-words in Tolkien’s languages. His name is Paul Strack, the creator of the massive […]

Thanks to the Kickstarter campaign, the free Sindarin course’s 11th lesson is up! Only 34 to go! My goal is to finish this month, which means one or two lessons a day. Follow this place closely to keep an eye on the lessons as they come out! You can view the lesson here: Lesson 11: […]

Skype is doing funny, crashy things to my computer these days, so I’m switching to Discord. Because of that, I’m also switching the class chat to Discord. Here’s the link: Realelvish.net Academy Discord Chat

I’ve started adding quizzes and lessons to the main website, available here: Gelio Edhellen! 100 We’re moving to the next stage in the editing of this new free course, the stage that concerns itself with making sure the text is easy to read and understand, and that the examples and quizzes properly support the text. […]