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Moved Blog

So, here we are. Due to the Middle-earth Network shutting down social-network operations, I had to move the “News and Updates” section to my own website.

In this process, I got another subdomain for my website, installed WordPress 4.0 on it, then mucked around until it became something resembling the main website.

I’m going to miss the community that came with the Middle-earth Network, but, there have been several advantages.

  • I have a lot more control over the look of the website.
  • Load-time has decreased dramatically. You may have noticed that the main page’s load time was slowed down. That was because it had to fetch the RSS feed from the other website.
  • I can put my own ads on it, and hopefully earn more money, because depending on donations to cover the website’s bills has proven to be quite unstable.

So, if you want to keep track of what’s going on at, keep an eye out here, or subscribe to the RSS feed. See you around!

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