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Elvish Linguistics Learning Tool

The reason that I jumped into this project, other than the obvious, is that I see the potential for this to be useful for teachers and students of languages in general. It makes it easy to learn to read a language, especially one like Japanese or Ancient Egyptian. It’s time for we linguists to use the technology available to us.

Also, I think it’d be a really awesome thing if we Lambendilli could contribute something to the field of linguistics!

Donate! Spread the word! Márienna!

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  1. Dave | | Reply

    I see from your recent posts you’re having some health issues and I hope you feel better soon.

    I’m just following up on this post because there have been no responses to Kickstarter comments for about a year. Whatever happened to the website for your kickstarter that was launched? (I’m not sure if it was made public so I’m not going to put the url here.) Some of the backers, such as myself, have tried to access it (as evidenced in the Kickstarter comments) and receive a dead link. If you could post a reply on Kickstarter it would help let that community know the status of the project.

    Feel better!

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