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Quizzes added to Lessons 15-19

I have five more quizzes added to five more lessons!

Lesson 15: Nouns with Adjective Phrases

Lesson 16: Past Tense TA-verbs and I-verbs

Lesson 17: Stop Past Tense TA-verbs and I-verbs

Lesson 18: Definite Prepositions

Lesson 19: Gerunds

Have fun studying!

As usual, feel free to let me know of any errors, typos, awkward sentences, non-illustrative examples, or broken questions you happen to find.

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  1. Siktwist | | Reply

    Hello, thank you for your lessons! I was cruising along but after passing the quiz for chapter 16 (past tense -ta/I-verbs) I cant access chapter 17. The message that I must complete chapter 16 comes up. I haven’t done anything different and have now passed the quiz twice, but am still unable to continue. Is there anything I can do to continue? Thank you again.

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