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Sindarin Lessons

More updates to announce:

I’m finally finishing the updated homework!

I’m replacing the RTFs with Open Office files, because anyone can install Open Office for free, and you can insert the needed special characters with it.

I’ve started applying the stuff learned from Vinyar Tengwar #50… but only easy things to start out with. I still need more time to get into it and glean information. The word “but” is the first thing to be added. Sindarin translators have been using a Quenya-based reconstruction until now. That means we have 3 conjunctions that are attested in Sindarin! (well, technically Noldorin, but close enough)

Link to the Student Roster

There are only 5 days until registration closes and class begins! I did a count-up of all of the students registered. There are 62 students, and 58 are brand new. I think we can thank The Hobbit for these numbers.

I’ve never handled a class this big before. I can make some predictions: I won’t be able to be as flexible with homework turn-in as I have in the past. I’ll be much more strict about late homework this time around.
Most people don’t know IPA, so I’m starting all of the new students on the IPA lesson, to make Chapter 1 go more easily.

Anyways, back to writing homework assignments. See you at the end of the week!

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