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Fall 2016 New Class Full Again, and Book Progress

That didn’t take long, did it? Once again – If you’re a returning student, you’re free to register again without worrying about taking someone else’s place. The 15 person limit is for new students only.

Progress on making the textbook print ready is going a little slower than I’d like. It’s turning out to be more work than I thought it would be. It’s a lot of fun though, going through and properly annotating everything and explaining how and why I came to certain conclusions… It’s really hard to fit that onto the website, but I’ll try to find a way to include all of the new material. I need to figure out how to make those floating dialogue-bubble like things that appear when you mouse over a word in WordPress pages, that would make the annotating so much easier! (maybe not easier for me, but easier for you guys.)

A new feature of the textbook is the Conversation Practice. It’ll be at the end of every chapter. It’s kinda like a phrasebook, except I can do much more complex stuff with it because the students will have some competency in the language by the time they get to them.

One of the things that’s taking a lot of time is the writing of new assignments. I’m making lots and lots of new assignments, and they’re all story/dialogues. I’ve found that people have a much easier time of understanding a translation if it’s in context, which means an easier time correcting homework for me! It’s just the writing part…

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