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More Spots for Fall 2016 Semester Open!

Since so many of the next semester’s registration list are returning students, I decided to have them on a separate list. This means that if you’re a former student, you can re-register without worrying about taking the chance to start the class from someone else, or ending up on a waiting list. And, for the new students, it means there are more spots available!

In other news, I got some spam-destroying pluggins that (so far) are working well. I was able to find and destroy the last of the spambot accounts, (in my researching, I discovered that they’re called “sploggers”) and since then, no new spam comments! Yay!! Only 12% of the people who registered as users for this website were real people. That’s a lot of spam.


  1. Ilmar | | Reply

    That’s great, although 12%… must have been a bit of a dissapointment

    • dreamingfifi | | Reply

      Not really… I had an idea that it was likely a small portion of real people as users, seeing as there wasn’t anywhere near as much activity on the website as one would expect with thousands of users. I was checking the page clicks and bandwidth usage, and the numbers weren’t adding up. Then I started looking at the accounts, saw the bogus e-mail addresses, and I realized that it had to be spambots. I looked up what other people had done about the problem, and tada! All clean and sparkly! Lucky for me, it wasn’t as bad as it has been for others. I saw people talking about getting thousands of sploggers signing up daily, and my problem was nowhere near so bad.

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