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Class Progress Report – 13th Week

Tomorrow, registration reopens!

This week was chapter 5.2! What a difficult one to end the semester on!

Many people are still finishing it – don’t worry, finish away. If you fell behind, now is your chance to catch up! I’d like everyone to be done with chapter 5.2 before September 5th, when chapter 5.3 will be due. If you don’t finish 5.2 before then, I’ll have to drop you from the class. From this point on – the assignments are much more difficult and take a lot more time to finish, and falling behind is much more difficult to remedy.

The Ancient Dual plural is what gave people the most trouble, easily. I may break it off and put it in its own chapter some day, it’s so difficult. The reason it’s difficult is that it is your first bitter taste of reconstruction! Except I did all of the hard research for you. Still, that was by far what people struggled with the most.

The other thing that tripped people up a lot was the -A that comes from an ancient G. Many people tried to re-add the G instead of following the directions on that entry.

Making the ends of the word intervocalic tripped up a lot of people actually… I’m not sure how to make that clearer. Maybe removing the dual-plural section into its own lesson would remove that distraction, and people would have an easier time remembering to make their NDs into NNs. What do you think?

Other than catching people up on their homework, I’ll be working on the textbook! Hopefully I’ll have a printable version by the end of August!

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