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Registration Open!

Registration opened today! It closes August 29th. Your first homework assignment will be due September 5th.

To check your status, go to the Student Roster.

And already, there is only one new spot open for the fall semester. Extra people who sign up will be put on the waiting list. Remember – if you find that you can’t do the class for some reason before registration ends, please let me know and give up your place in the class. There are a lot of people who would like to take your place.

About the name change: I tweaked the title of the website because “Your Neo-Sindarin Textbook” is what the title of the printed book will be!

Today I cleaned out a small mountain of inactive accounts/possible spam-bots. I may have mistakenly deleted your account by mistake. If I deleted your account by mistake – don’t worry! Just register a new account. I just deleted accounts, I didn’t ban anyone. This time, make sure that you take one of the lesson quizzes, sign up for a semester, give yourself an elven nick-name, or upload an avatar. These sorts of things help me to know that there is a real person behind the account, not a spambot.

To give a picture of why I did this: when I started there were over 1300 accounts. When I finished, there were 164. Many of the accounts had e-mail addresses based in websites like “totally-not-spam-greatest-kitchen-appliances-ever!!!.com”. So, I deleted those. Shy of screening every single new account individually, I’m not sure what I can do about this.

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