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Well, What a Fun Month!

I am being facetious. This month has been terrible.

TL;DR: Shit happened. Class is starting up again where it all fell apart 2 weeks ago.

Grammas are ending up in the hospital and it looks like their ends are drawing near – for one of my best friends and my wife. There’s been a lot of late night rushing to hospitals lately.

And, my computer has been misbehaving terribly lately. It’s been freezing a lot, I keep losing a lot of work because of it, and Windows 10 had a huge update that took a long time to install, and my computer has been refusing to connect to the internet. That looks like it’s over now, though… I’ve been hesitant to push it too hard though. I have a knack for discovering the limits of a computer’s RAM.

And, I was told by my voc rehab councilor who’s been trying to help me get financial aid for me publishing the textbook that they won’t back the project if I don’t find an actual publisher for it, or find a lawyer who will defend it, so I’m back to sending out query letters. It was the massive book proposal document that kept crashing my computer, actually.

AND, about half of the tables on my database for this website crashed, meaning that no one could login. You can read more about that on the post about it on the main website: Textbook Troubles. Last night I finally stopped trying to fix it on my own and got my webhost support team involved, and they fixed it this morning.

Anyways, what all this means for you is that we’re restarting the semester from the point I went MIA 2 weeks ago. You’ll find the calendar has been amended. You’ll start receiving homework corrections again today. You aren’t cut from the class if you haven’t turned in your homework yet – I’ll start that tomorrow. Anyways, let’s get this going again!

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