If I set up a hardcover version of the textbook, it’ll have to be a lot more expensive, because the printing costs are much higher. Because of this, I don’t expect that I would sell very many of these, and I would set it up as a print-on-demand book instead, which would make it more […]

As many of you know, there’s a Skype Chatroom for students. I figured out how to share it with you guys without adding you to my contacts list and all of that mess. Through this chatroom, you can get pronunciation coaching with me, chat with fellow students, get help with your homework in real time, […]

The idea for the art inside the book is that it’s a blend of medieval and modern cartoony styles. The artist, Julia Lindquist, nailed it! Each picture will be relevant to the plot of the homework assignments or the conversation practices. This one is the introductions of the characters. You can see their names written […]

Now that we’ve got our new name, it’s time to reorganize the website! I’ve got a couple new LMS (Learning Management System) plugins installed, and I’m transferring everything over to them, hopefully so that I can have an easier time of keeping all your records straight. This way, it’ll be a little less-hands-on for me. […]

Teitho Edhellen! Syllabus After doing the main textbook, this was a piece of cake. I turned all of the Sindarin script lessons into a PDF workbook that you can download and print out. Thanks to a suggestion by Faravenel, I’m calling the language course “Gelio Edhellen!” and the script course “Teitho Edhellen!” Since the textbook […]

It’s 1AM, and I’m done. I did it. I finally fished the massive edit of the textbook. I made a few mistakes along the way… got eyes and ambition greater than my time or ability. Ended up having to cut some parts that I had a lot of fun making. Fear not, those will still […]

I’m really sorry to do this. I really didn’t want to. But, I’m looking at another depression episode. Parts of my wife’s family really disapprove of our relationship, which lead to some fights with them after her grandmother’s funeral. Then the election… ugh. I’ve been reminded again that people irrationally hate me and my wife […]