This post is an exploration of the conflux of Eldarin words having to do “man/woman, husband/wife, bride/groom”. In Quenya, I think Q. nér “man” is quite well established, and Q. nís/nisse “woman” also well attested. I can’t imagine using anything else. These words point to the roots √N(D)ER and √N(D)I(S) as the basis for the […]

Fiona has asked me to update my writings on primitive Elvish roots and repost them on her site, something I am happy to do. This post is an introduction to that material for those unfamiliar with it. Since I don’t know who will be reading this, I’d first like to cover some basic concepts and […]

Listen to the interview on Youtube: Listen to the interview on Sound Cloud: Here’s the transcript of the interview: Hi guys! I am adding a new person to the team, and he’ll be writing short articles about the development of ancient root-words in Tolkien’s languages. His name is Paul Strack, the creator of the massive […]

Thanks to the Kickstarter campaign, the free Sindarin course’s 11th lesson is up! Only 34 to go! My goal is to finish this month, which means one or two lessons a day. Follow this place closely to keep an eye on the lessons as they come out! You can view the lesson here: Lesson 11: […]

Skype is doing funny, crashy things to my computer these days, so I’m switching to Discord. Because of that, I’m also switching the class chat to Discord. Here’s the link: Academy Discord Chat

I’ve started adding quizzes and lessons to the main website, available here: Gelio Edhellen! 100 We’re moving to the next stage in the editing of this new free course, the stage that concerns itself with making sure the text is easy to read and understand, and that the examples and quizzes properly support the text. […]