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I have to start charging for lessons.

This isn’t a decision that I came to lightly. Even now, my bones fill with dread and trepidation. I’ve held back on this for years, despite many friends and relatives and acquaintances telling me I should.

There’s nothing like wondering how my family will feed itself this month to make one bend to this suggestion.

I don’t want to make getting into Sindarin a “you must be [fill-in-the-blank] wealthy to study” sort of deal. So, I’m setting up a scholarship fund of sorts. It’ll be filled with donations, and I will use it to cover the textbooks and tuition fees of those who apply. I’ll be setting all that up over the next few weeks.

The cost will be $5 a lesson, which makes the courses cost the following:

Carpho Edhellen! – $15

Teitho Edhellen! – $15

Gelio Edhellen! 101 – $35

Gelio Edhellen! 102 – $45

Gelio Edhellen! 103 – $40

If you’re already enrolled in a course, you don’t have to pay, but I request that you donate to the Neo-Elvish Scholarship Fund for your fellow students.

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