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Paul Strack

Quenya Grammar P30: Locative

The locative suffix -sse indicates location at the specified place, and is variously glossed “at, in, on”. Sometimes Tolkien also used the term inessive (“in”) and adessive (“on”) to refer to this case (PE21/68); the exact meaning is contextual. Thus Lóriendesse “in Lórien” (RGEO/58), ondolisse “on rocks” (MC/222), mahalmassen “on

Quenya Grammar P29: Ablative

The ablative suffix -llo indicates motion away from the declined noun, and is usually glossed “(away) from”. Thus Ambarello “from the World” (MS, Merin Sentence), Melcorello “away from Melkor” (VT49/24), Rómello “from the East” (LotR/377). The ablative suffix can also be used temporally, of motion through time away from a

Quenya Grammar P28: Allative

The allative suffix -nna indicates motion towards the declined noun, and is variously glossed “to, towards, onto, upon”. Thus Endorenna “to Middle Earth” (LotR/967), tielyanna “upon your path” (Let/448), Amanna “towards Aman” (VT49/26). It is not restricted to horizontal movement: nai laure lantuva parmastanna lúmissen tengwiesto “may (a) golden light