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I’ve been rewriting bits and pieces of the homework assignments throughout the semester, but today I rewrote some older assignments: Chapter 3 lesson 3 and 4 (a brand new lesson. Not new material, I just broke up lesson 3.) Chapter 6 lesson 2, and chapter 7 lesson 4 (I apparently forgot to complete the consistency edits. It still had the negative prefix al- in it!). I also finished splitting up chapter 3 lesson 3 into two lessons, putting the difficult concept of Sindarin Imperative into the new lesson. I also rewrote (de-technicalized the vocabulary) and made my own examples for the two lessons, instead of using the examples from Tolkien’s work. I’ve figured that using examples from Tolkien’s work is better suited for a linguistic article, and now I have a good start on one. I’ve hidden (if you were to look at the source code, you could read it) the section on anin/ai in chapter 6 lesson 2, because I’ve never really been sold on the idea, and since I can’t find the article its based on, I won’t include it at all. I also moved the section about pronouns modified by subordinate clauses to chapter 6 lesson 2. I think it’s easier to grasp the concept after you know the pronouns. Chapter 6 lesson 2 homework still hasn’t been edited yet though… can’t let myself forget that! Also, I’ve finally gotten a good sound recording/editing program, so there may be sound files attached to chapter 1 sometime in the future! Wouldn’t that be cool?

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