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New Look

After the publication of Parma Eldalamberon #22, and the new data therein, I decided that while working on the new version of the website, I could put together a wordpress version of this website too. I did, and I discovered that I can do some really amazing stuff with wordpress and wordpress plugins! So, here it is, the new version of the website. Go register, login, sign up for classes… it’s all on the website. I don’t need to collect your e-mail addresses anymore!

Some of the new fancy things this website has:

  • A form to fill out for registering for the class. No more e-mailing me!
  • A way to turn in homework and contact me through a PM system that allows attachments.
  • Quizzes at the end of every lesson. Or, there will be as soon as I finish a few more of them.
  • A calendar which shows when everything is due.
  • Easy to remember URLs!

As for Parma Eldalamberon #22 – there’s a whole new lesson just on the future tense: Chapter 7.2

The lessons aren’t starting up again until I’ve finished a few more things:

  1. Get the existing students registered.
  2. Finish the new schedule.
  3. Finish updating the homework and adding in new quizzes.

This should only a take a few more weeks to do. So, if you’re a student, please register for this website, using your Student-Roster alias. Thank you!

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