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Class Progress Report – 6th Week

This week, the Sindarin 101 students graduated to being Beginners!

This lesson went very smoothly. There were only a handful of people who didn’t get a 100% on their first try, and those who didn’t usually got 100% on their second try.

I am thinking of moving the article “The” section to this lesson, because it might just be too easy.

The few errors that did occur usually involved forgetting to use the mutated forms of the words, which is something that just takes practice. There was a problem with the quiz – it wasn’t showing the correct answer when people got a question wrong. It’ll be fixed soon!

Judging on difficulties students have in later lessons, I think I need to start introducing the “possessive pronouns and demonstrative adjectives are adjectives in Sindarin” points more aggressively. In English, these things are determiners, but in Sindarin they are adjectives, so you can have “the” and a possessive pronoun on the same word without it being awkward in Sindarin.

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