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Class Progress Report – 8th Week

3 students dropped out at this point. Chapter 3.3 was quite difficult for a lot of people!

It’s to be expected though, and I’m not sure there is a way around it. A lot of technical vocabulary is introduced at this point, and the differences between the syntax for pronouns versus for regular nouns confused a lot of people.

The biggest thing that confused a lot of people was “Esta-“. Well, it confuses me too. It’s got strange syntax that is reminiscent of earlier languages, and the only samples of its use are only vaguely or not at all translated. It’s possible that it’s a relic from Noldorin and that I have no business bringing it into Sindarin, but it represents and interesting puzzle. Any ideas on how I could teach the mysteries of this word (like moving it to chapter 7.7 – Irregular Verbs)?

Any ideas on how to make this easier? Perhaps splitting this lesson into two parts – without pronouns and with pronouns. What do you think?

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