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Class Progress Report – 11th Week

Only a handful of people have attempted chapter 4.2, but most have opted out. That’s my fault, as I fell behind in homework correcting and that meant people were rushed this week.

Very, very few errors. The errors that I’ve found were more like simple spelling errors or typos.

A question that I’ve gotten a few times is “what do I do about the adjective-numbers?”. The question is answered in the lesson, but I think I may need to make it more obvious.

On a side note: I am really going to do it! I’m turning this website into a book that you can hold in your hands. The website will remain up, but for those who want it – you will be able to buy it in book form. This project will take about a month and a half to finish the editing, then we’ll start on the type setting, and then it’s off to be printed! I’m self publishing so I can keep the price down, since I’ll be publishing a new edition every time something earth-shattering happens in the Neo-Sindarin world.


  1. Lastiel Rusc | | Reply

    I’m very excited about this book! It will make it much easier to go back and reference things in previous lessons. Any estimate about the size of it? (Paperback, school text book size….etc?) I must go and inform some people that I know of this! Thank you for all of your hard work, and patience.

    • dreamingfifi | | Reply

      We’re planning on making it 8.5″x11″. We aren’t sure how long it will end up being, but we guess that it’ll be around 180 pages long. I want it to be cheap as I can get it while still making money, so it’ll only be paperback, unless enough people beg me for a hard-cover book.

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