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If I set up a hardcover version of the textbook, it’ll have to be a lot more expensive, because the printing costs are much higher. Because of this, I don’t expect that I would sell very many of these, and I would set it up as a print-on-demand book instead, which would make it more expensive. Should I set this up or not?

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Should I make available a hardcover version of the textbook alongside the ebook and paperback versions?


  1. Terrible idea overstates my opinion — but I would say, keep your publishing costs as low as possible and get the book out there. If you sell thousands and keep hearing requests for a hardcover copy, print a small run at that time. You have worked so hard on this, I don’t want to see you lose money on it.

    1. It’d be set up with print on demand, which means I won’t have to buy and stock volumes of the book myself, so don’t worry about that.

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