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First Assignment Due Tomorrow!

September 4th is your first homework due date! So, let’s go over the homework procedures.

The goal is to make the best translation that you can. I will comment on your assignment with errors that I found in your translations, and then you’ll fix those errors and resubmit the assignment. We’ll repeat this process until I am satisfied that you understand the material. Then, I’ll approve the assignment, and you can start the next lesson.

The revisions you turn in should be turned in as soon as you can after receiving them. Ideally, you’ll have one revision completed and sent in a day until you pass the assignment. You can only do one assignment at a time – that’s just how this teaching pluggin works.

Remember that you can PM me with questions if you have any problems with your assignments or questions about the lessons. Another option is to chat with your fellow students in the Skype chatroom. This may get you quicker help because I can’t be awake all hours of day and night to answer questions.

Good luck on your homework, and I’m looking forward to another semester!

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