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Your User Account Might be Deleted – How to Stop This From Happening

I’m having a problem with spambots registering as users on the website. So, to combat it, I added a pluggin that automatically deletes unused accounts. It defines “unused” as “never posted a comment.” So, if you want to keep your account, you need to post a comment on a post.

If your account does get deleted – don’t panic! You aren’t banned from the website. You can re-register easily.

I’ve tried a few different tactics to fight the spambots, and this was the only one that is still working and doesn’t break the website. Some of you may recall that for a while there registration was impossible because of that – this has been a long, arduous battle. If you know a better solution, let me know!


  1. Lastiel Rusc | | Reply

    Yikes. Darn those spammers.

  2. Celebriel | | Reply

    Will posting here do the trick? 😉

    • dreamingfifi | | Reply


      • Cara Kendal | | Reply

        Ahhhh I’m not sure how to comment but hopefully this will work

  3. Vyc | | Reply


  4. hawkeye | | Reply

    Send the rangers after the spam bots! I will volunteer to go 🙂

  5. Ireth Tinuviel | | Reply

    Se i dawar tilis.

  6. Sophia Thornton | | Reply

    just commenting to make sure my account doesn’t get deleted ! also, i hope your health improves soon !

    • dreamingfifi | | Reply


  7. Robert Skankey | | Reply

    I’m going to follow suit and post here to reserve my account! Thanks for all the hard work!

  8. Rothan | | Reply

    Well we are doing some pro-level spamming in order to make sure we are not identified as spammers, that’s interesting.
    Anyway… Hello Fifi
    I hope I will once again find time for Sindarin 🙂
    I’m getting overwhelmed by the sheer mass of things to do all the time…
    No longer using Skype, as it stopped supporting Linux lately, from what I’ve heard, so I am even more out of touch than usual, but still never forgot about this place 🙂

    • Draugondren | | Reply

      Rothan! Glad to see that you’re doing ok. I miss our discussions, lol.

      • Rothan | | Reply

        Hello Draugondren Sort of okay, not everything alright all the time, but if it were all easy… life would be no challenge.
        How are you? 🙂

    • dreamingfifi | | Reply

      Hi Rothan!

      What would you think of a Discord server? The new version of Skype is causing people a lot of problems, and many I know have already switched. I’m floating the idea in the Skype group too. After the week is up (the deadline for the account deletion) I’ll post a poll about that and see if people would like that change to happen.

      • Rothan | | Reply

        Will have to try the Discord in order to find out if it will work for me… but I am already registered and it seems okay so far 🙂
        Under the same nickname as here 🙂

        • Rothan | | Reply


  9. mindReach | | Reply

    Understood. Just posting here to avoid deletion, then. Thanks for the heads-up!

  10. Celebex | | Reply

    I guess I’ll follow suit

  11. Celebex | | Reply

    I’m really an alien

  12. Akumaru | | Reply

    Commented already before, but just to be sure – here’s a new comment!

  13. Draugondren | | Reply

    Commenting here to make sure I don’t get deleted.

  14. Alphin | | Reply

    Am I still in? Oh, I’m. So, just waiting for the lessons to go on.

  15. Taurie | | Reply

    just commenting to make sure my account doesn’t get deleted 🙂

  16. Kat | | Reply

    Good plan, I am def not a spam bot heheh

  17. Lithoniel | | Reply

    I think I should leave a comment. Does this work?

    • dreamingfifi | | Reply


  18. Nimlothiel | | Reply

    I think this is where you comment, sorry if wrong!

  19. Cstudent18 | | Reply

    I hope you get better

  20. vigildweller | | Reply

    Don’t delete me!

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