Your User Account Might be Deleted – How to Stop This From Happening

I’m having a problem with spambots registering as users on the website. So, to combat it, I added a pluggin that automatically deletes unused accounts. It defines “unused” as “never posted a comment.” So, if you want to keep your account, you need to post a comment on a post.

If your account does get deleted – don’t panic! You aren’t banned from the website. You can re-register easily.

I’ve tried a few different tactics to fight the spambots, and this was the only one that is still working and doesn’t break the website. Some of you may recall that for a while there registration was impossible because of that – this has been a long, arduous battle. If you know a better solution, let me know!


  1. just commenting to make sure my account doesn’t get deleted ! also, i hope your health improves soon !

  2. Well we are doing some pro-level spamming in order to make sure we are not identified as spammers, that’s interesting.
    Anyway… Hello Fifi
    I hope I will once again find time for Sindarin 🙂
    I’m getting overwhelmed by the sheer mass of things to do all the time…
    No longer using Skype, as it stopped supporting Linux lately, from what I’ve heard, so I am even more out of touch than usual, but still never forgot about this place 🙂

      1. Hello Draugondren Sort of okay, not everything alright all the time, but if it were all easy… life would be no challenge.
        How are you? 🙂

    1. Hi Rothan!

      What would you think of a Discord server? The new version of Skype is causing people a lot of problems, and many I know have already switched. I’m floating the idea in the Skype group too. After the week is up (the deadline for the account deletion) I’ll post a poll about that and see if people would like that change to happen.

      1. Will have to try the Discord in order to find out if it will work for me… but I am already registered and it seems okay so far 🙂
        Under the same nickname as here 🙂

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