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Version 0.7.0 of Eldamo

I’ve released version 0.7.0 of Eldamo:

In this release, I’ve finished up my work on incorporating neologisms into Eldamo for the time being. I will still capture and add individual neologisms as I see them.

I fixed the issue where neologisms would appear when searching and browsing in “Academic Mode”. Unfortunately there was a bug in the search that I didn’t notice until after I finished the build, so I fixed on the site but it isn’t fixed in the downloadable copy. It will be fixed everywhere in the next release.

I also took a stab at doing Semantic Mappings for Quenya and it was … exhausting. I finished a first pass, but it needs review. However, I am too sick of it to continue on it right now, much less tackle Sindarn. I will do more later.

Next up, I intend to do a deep dive on Sindarin phonetics, hopefully putting it into something resembling a finished state.

Furthermore, now that G+ is dying, I need to change how I publicize Eldamo releases. In particular, I intend to cross post in several places:

3) The Vinye Langengolmor Discord Group

Real Elvish and Aglardh both have RSS feeds you can use to monitor their news:

In addition, the release notices in Github also have an Atom feed (basically RSS):

The last of these is the most “reliable” in the sense that I intend to remain on Github indefinitely. However, I chose the other sites for their activity and longevity, and intend to stay on them for as long as they are around. I will also keep posting in G+ until it is shut down.

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