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New Series: Quenya Grammar

NOTE: This series of posts are first drafts, for purposes of getting feedback. The finished versions will eventually appear here:

I’m starting a new series on Quenya Grammar, cross-posted both here and on Aglardh. This is something I’ve wanted to work on for a long time, but there is a lot of ground work I needed to cover first, most notably the Quenya phonetics analysis I recently completed. This series will consist of drafts of grammatical entries that will be eventually added to the Eldamo lexicon. Any feedback on these drafts would be welcome.

I intend this series to be a reference grammar for Quenya, a comprehensive survey of what we currently know. It will discuss the grammar rules themselves, but it will also include descriptions of both the historical origins of these grammatical forms from Primitive Elvish (to the extent that we know them), as well as the conceptual development of Tolkien’s ideas on Quenya grammar throughout his life.

The series should include enough background information that a motivated beginner can follow along. However, it is not really aimed at beginners. There are already a number of “Beginning Quenya” courses out there. My aim is to produce more “Intermediate Level” Quenya material, something that is largely lacking right now.

This series will include extensive references to the source material and Tolkien’s own writing. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the abbreviations I use for reference, see the Eldamo references page.

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