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Select Elvish Words: Introduction

Since I have wrapped up my series on “Select Primitive Elvish Roots”, I am starting a new series on “Select Elvish Words”. This series is for the next major phase of Eldamo’s development: dictionary entries for Elvish words. My plan is to discuss the meanings, etymologies, and conceptual development of various Elvish words, as well as their possible uses in Neo-Elvish. To give more coherence to the entries, I’m planning on organized posts based on the semantic categories of words rather than doing them alphabetically, to group words of similar meaning together:

To keep things balanced and highlight cognates between the languages, I’m planning on going though Quenya and Sindarin, as well as its conceptual precursors Noldorin and Gnomish, all at the same time. I’m mainly focusing on words I’d recommend for use in Neo-Elvish writings, but will occasionally cover other words where I think they may be of interest. I will also cover words from the entirety of the Elvish corpus from the 1910s through 1970s, though probably with more focus on later words than earlier words.

As always, I welcome feedback on the various entries. As this series focuses on Elvish words, I think it will be more accessible and interesting to general students of Elvish, as opposed to my previous series which was aimed more at experts. This has the potential to be a very, very long series, taking many years, so there may be periods where I set it aside temporarily to work on other things.

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