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Quenya Grammar

Quenya Grammar P9: Word Order

Ordinary word order in Quenya is quite similar to English: The ordinary sentence order is subject-verb-object (PE17/72). Adjectives precede the nouns they modify (PE17/93, PM/346). Prepositions and relative pronouns appear at the beginning of subordinate clauses. Some of these rules were described by Tolkien. He stated that “the classical and

Quenya Grammar P6: Stress

To understand stress in Quenya you need to know the difference between “heavy” syllables and “light” syllables; Tolkien often called these “long” syllables and “short” syllables. A “light” syllable is one that contains a single short vowel and is followed by zero or one consonant: ta or tan. A “heavy”

New Series: Quenya Grammar

NOTE: This series of posts are first drafts, for purposes of getting feedback. The finished versions will eventually appear here: I’m starting a new series on Quenya Grammar, cross-posted both here and on Aglardh. This is something I’ve wanted to work on for a long time, but there is