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Elven Writing and Do Not

I’ve been making some rapid edits to the textbook over the past week.

I just finished replacing the poorly hand-drawn Tengwar, Tîw, and Cirth from Chapter 2 of Your Sindarin Textbook.

I also did some more research on Angerthas Daeron… and realized that I’d been using it like a dwarf trying to write Elven words by ear. Yeah, major-league screw up there. So, the material in Chapter 2 lesson 2 is greatly improved.

Due to some fantastic feedback that I’ve been getting at the Languages of Middle-earth, a Google+ community with some hard-core Tolkien-language fans, I’ll be doing a lot of editing in the coming weeks. I’ve fixed a problem in the Negation chapter: u- the verb means only “to not do”, not “to not be”, as I had assumed it could mean both as it does in Quenya.

More corrections to come!


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