Help Rename the Website! (Poll inside!)

Teitho Edhellen! Syllabus
After doing the main textbook, this was a piece of cake. I turned all of the Sindarin script lessons into a PDF workbook that you can download and print out. Thanks to a suggestion by Faravenel, I’m calling the language course “Gelio Edhellen!” and the script course “Teitho Edhellen!”

Since the textbook is no longer called “Your Sindarin Textbook,” it’s time to rename the website, and give it a matching URL.

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What should the new name and URL of the website be?

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  1. I’ve removed “Gelio Edhellen” from the list because I don’t want to preclude other languages and the Neo-Sindarin course is already named “Gelio Edhellen.” Also, I want the title to be intuitive so that people can find it easily when searching for it. *Gelia is a fan-made word, and Sindarin is usually referred to as “Sindarin,” not its name in the language “Edhellen.” So, I’ve removed that option. It still will be the title of the Neo-Sindarin course, however, so it’ll still be a part of the website!

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